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Storing your digital archive

Just like paper and other materials from your physical archive and collections require specific storage conditions, your digital archives and collections also need attention. There is after all a chance that files which you created years ago can no longer be opened, appear differently, or respond in a different way.

This applies for files on your computer and server, but also for files which you save on external carriers, such as CD-ROMs, USB sticks or external hard drives. Storing the carriers in good conditions does not guarantee that the saved files will still be readable. Data can disappear as the carrier ages, and hardware and software also become obsolete as technology evolves. New laptops can’t even read CDs or USB sticks without the use of peripheral equipment anymore.

In this section, you can learn what precautions you need to take to ensure your digital archive remains readable and usable in the long term. It’s important to save files in a sustainable format when you create them. Regular testing to see if your files have not become damaged and no information has been lost is also essential. Good storage and making back-ups complete this good practice.